Friday, June 10, 2011

My Princess

If I were to write a fairy-tale, my princess would be able to handle sleeping on rocks, much less a pea.

If my princess slept a little fitfully her first night in the castle because of some pea-sized lump in her mattress, she certainly wouldn’t embarrass her hosts by mentioning it.

My princess wouldn’t need to be rescued- She’d be smart enough not to get abducted in the first place.

My princess wouldn’t need to marry into money to keep her kingdom wealthy-
She’d manage money wisely and set up an economy that encouraged thriving businesses.

My princess wouldn’t marry some prince just because he came along and climbed a glass mountain or killed an unsuspecting monster or any of those silly things.

She would know that just because a prince was the strongest warrior- it wouldn’t always make him the best husband, or the best king.

My princess would pick a prince who was smart, wise, kind, and generous...if she decided to get married at all.

She would wear sensible shoes so she could run if she had to, or walk all day without back pain.

My princess would be less concerned with royal balls and fancy dresses than with taking care of her serfs and seeing that justice was done.

In short, my princess would not be prissy, or selfish, or undignified, or stupid enough to eat an apple a witch hands her.

She would be all woman.

That is my kind of princess...and that's who I'd like to be, too.