Friday, November 4, 2011

The Creative Juices are Still Flowing

It's been a slow year for me for submissions. It feels like many things have happened that have affected my writing. Last year, I was sorting through my grandfather's death, and then a few months later the suicides and upheaval at my school were awful. It seemed like I didn't like very much of anything I was writing, and when you don't like what you're is hard to get a groove going. Teaching high school is unfortunately all-consuming and most of my creative ability has been used up in lesson planning, play-directing, and creating the hated Yearbook.

I haven't been creating enough new work to get really excited about sending in very many pieces. However, it has not been a completely dry year.

This month, I had my poem (it's so dark and painful that I'd rather not publish it here), "Grandpa's Clothes," published in the Lit. Magazine, Midnight Screaming, and I just recieved word from "Whistling Fire" that they have accepted my creative nonfiction piece, "How to be debt-free," for their literary website.

In other good news, I am currently in the process of creating another human being. We are almost 8 weeks pregnant. However, I promise not to make this a baby-blog. This is still very much a writing blog. If I want to write about morning sickness, cribs, cute baby clothes and labor pains, I will create a new blog just for that. Of course, if I happen to write something particularly funny that I believe has universal appeal, it may drift over here.

This will be my last year working (PTL!) and when I stay home with my baby, it is one of my life goals to earn an MFA in creative nonfiction writing. I knew I wanted a writing masters, but I probably would have still tried to move toward fiction if I hadn't taken the Los Angeles Review Creative Nonfiction Workshop this summer. The workshop and this blog have shown me that while I love to read great's not actually my favorite thing to write, at least not while I seem to be incapable of developing a decent plot.

I am currently working on a new creative nonfiction piece called, "How I Became a Mountain Woman." I think it's going to be great, but I really want to develop it and try to get it published before I post it here.