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I am an aspiring writer in the Kern River Valley. This blog is a "test kitchen" to try different writing styles and to work through the many rejections and the handful of acceptances my work has received. But no matter what other people say about my writing, at least my mother thinks I'm a good writer!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy, Non-controversial poem

List 6/24/10

What makes my heart smile?

Sunflowers, kittens, blue skies.

Ladybugs, sunshine, cool breezes,

Hummingbirds, ice cream, big black dogs,

And you, you…especially you.

Blogger's Note: I am still on hiatus; I managed to borrow my mother's computer for a while, and just wanted to write about a few of my favorite things.


  1. Heart-warming and sincere, short but with everything in it that there is to say. I really loved it! Hoping you have a nice time in Alaska...

  2. I like this poem a lot:).
    You should have it put to music.

  3. You just made my heart smile.

  4. I like the feeling you put inside it..