Saturday, March 6, 2010

Proudly Rejected by Calyx Journal.

Two rejections in one week? Sigh.

CALYX (A journal of Art and Literature by Women) sent me a very polite form letter today rejecting four of my poems. They wrote,

"We appreciate the opportunity to review your submission and consider it for publication. At least two editors have read your work and found that we are unable to use your submission in the Journal. We apologize for replying with a form letter, but the volume of submissions no longer allows us the luxury of a personal reponse."

I thought it was worded particularly well, and the editor actually wrote my first name on the top in real pen and signed the bottom. That's unique. I've never recieved a rejection letter where they signed it with real pen.

So, Calyx Journal- I rate you FOUR STARS for class.

Here is one of the poems they rejected. Maybe it's not subtle enough. I'm not very good at subtlety yet.


A butterfly can’t return to her chrysalis

No matter how fast the outside winds blow,

No matter how frigid the rain is.

Her wings are too big now,

Too beautiful to be contained in that dark brown cocoon.

And now, she has tasted the nectar of the flowers,

Has flitted in an orange glade with her fellow travelers.

No matter how safe and snug her Chrysalis was,

No matter how content she was there,

She is too large now to ever go back.

Instead, she has to face the world,

wings unfurled, ready to soar or to die.


  1. beautifully written and your blog site intrigues and captures me. Don't stop, ever. Always, Darrel

  2. I think it speaks well that two editors looked at it. They must have really seen something that they were looking for.Of course they could have said. We just opened it an immediately threw it in the trash . But no it was a two editor rejection. Pretty good Sandy Mamasita