Thursday, July 15, 2010

More about Sunflowers

The sunflowers I planted after you left us

are now taller than I am.

Three months have passed.

Yesterday, I thought of the too-long walk

I put you through-

I didn't really understand how close you were

to slipping away-

And for the first time,

I didn't feel quite so much

of that deep, embarassed guilty pain.

It was more like a throb than a stab.

The sunflowers will bloom soon.

Their roots are deep,

their stalks are thick.

They hardly even need the stakes anymore.

You have been gone longer than I realized.


  1. Nice to have you back Sandra.

  2. Beautiful! May I suggest removing the word "for" in the last line... makes it stronger.

  3. Dear Sandy, thank you for remembering. Sometimes the pain is aching and sometimes not so much. I hope you get the joy of watching the birds eat the seeds, that was why he loved them so much. Someday your children will play in them and you can tell them about your grandpa and his patience and love of plants. Remember all the little seedlings in pots. He was a supporter of plants and people trying to grow.

  4. It hits my heart more now that it did when he first died- now that the shock is over, it seems like sadness is all that is left. I'll be driving along and he'll come into my mind and I'll be crying. I see old men in my church and I want to sit with them because they remind me of him. I'll come across a picture of his and begin to cry...and I see the look on grandma's face and it feels more awful than before. I miss him.

  5. Another beautiful way to remember Grandpa.

  6. Sharkbytes- I completely agree. I have made the necessary changes. Thank You!

  7. Sandra- you should come join the forum at Lots of great support for un or underpublished writers, and monthly contests for short stories and poems with publishing and money rewards. Your poem is really good.

  8. Thanks, Sharbytes. I will definitely check it out when I have a more reliable internet connection.