Monday, November 29, 2010

New Mystery Cat

A few months ago, I told you all the story of Sippy, the tiny black kitten in our SIPS Panels. Sippy was around 3 or 4 weeks old when we found him, and he had been living in our construction materials, where it stays relatively warm. Unfortunately, there is very little to eat over there, and so Sippy was quickly starving to death. He cried piteously until we captured and fed him. We soon discovered that he was very personable and, once we put some weight on him, a cat with a very nice personality. Within a week, we found a forever home for him with a fellow animal lover, Nancy.

Well, some of the SIPS panels are still out there, and they are still a deliciously warm haven for cats in the middle of this cold spell. For the past few days, a new mystery cat has appeared in the panels. She (I think) stayed mainly in the panels, frightened of people, but occasionally we caught a little vision or her tail or face.

This morning, her hunger and loneliness drove her right to the steps of our trailer. She cried and cried and cried. I left the door ajar and a bowl of tuna and turkey directly inside and pretended that she wasn't there. After a few moments, she wandered in and, much to the dismay of my other cats, began to eat hungrily. She let me pet her and even purred a lot and rubbed her face against me. Currently, she is looking for other food in the trailer. She must be ravenous.

I am not sure what will happen now. I will try to find a way to slip her some food every day. I don't know how my in-laws will feel about the new cat, but a big part of me says, "I am NOT a person who lets animals go hungry on my doorstep- no matter what you say."

Other concerns: If she's a girl, which I think she is, but I could be wrong- she is about 8 months old. If she's been on the streets a little while already, she could be pregnant. The idea of helping her and dealing with kittens is a bit daunting for me. If we decide to make her a pet, then we will have to get her fixed.

Oh well, all these problems will sort themselves out. For now, I am just happy that she is fed and warm at the moment.


  1. Lovely post, you do let yourself in for a lot of problems, but who could resist? Hugs...

  2. Hopefully you will be able to find a home for this kitty, too, just like you did for Sippy.