Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 100th Post- House building and Awkward 9th Grade Romance

I have been considering what to write in this post for a long time. It is my 100th post, after all. Unfortunately, with a yearbook deadline looming, the beginning of play rehearsals starting, and being smack in the middle of house-building insanity, I don't have much creativity left in me.

So today I will leave you with two random things.

1. The first is a picture of my house at its current unfinished stage.

This house is the reason why we live on 1/3rd of our income.

It is the reason why we have been living in a 30 foot trailer for almost 4 years now.

It is the reason why my husband and his father have been busy every weekend and every evening for the past 9 months.

It is the reason why I have gained 10 pounds in the past 4 years and my husband has lost 10.

It is 2400 square feet of glorious living space that we paid for with ready money.

It is our ticket to a debt-free, mortgage-free, nobody-owns-us-not-even-our-jobs lifestyle.

I am more than a little proud of this house.

This house is the reason why I can someday be a stay-at-home mother.

It is the reason why Anthony will one day be able to retire early.

So, without further is the house that we will hopefully be living in by December...

My second random thing today is a conversation I overheard yesterday in my classroom. The two ninth graders were around the corner in my classroom and did not realize I was still there. I considered shouting out that I was indeed present, but I ended up just being quiet so as not to embarrass the darlings.

Awkward 9th Grade Boy to Strange but Sweet 9th grade girl:

A9GB: "Hey- so this is your class, huh?"

SbS9gg: "Yeah."

A9GB: "'re pretty."

SbS9gg: "Thanks."

A9GB: "So...I've been classes with you before and you're really smart, too."

SbS9gg: "Thanks."

A9GB: "Can-Can I ask you a question?"

SbS9gg: "Sure!"

A9GB: "Would you like...go out with me?"

SbS9gg: "Like- be your girlfriend?"

A9GB: "Yah."

SbS9gg: "Sure!"

A9GB: "Okay, cool. I'm going now. I'll see you tomorrow."

SbS9gg: "Okay."

And with that, he walked away extremely quickly. It was so very, very akward, but in a sweet way. I remember those days in Junior High and early high school when boys would ask you out and then leave abruptly. I can only assume he had used up so much of his courage just asking that he didn't have any left to continue the conversation. Oh, young love.


  1. The house is looking awesome:). How nice to finally see your dream unfolding. Hebrews 11:1 comes to mind: "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." You have had a lot of faith that this house would get built, and its neat to see that faith rewarded.

    I hope the little 9th graders have a wonderful 2-3 weeks of awkward bliss before an equally awkward break-up occurs. Aw, young love. So awkward, so brief. Oh, memories.

  2. Seriously Carolyn!
    It sadly will be only a few weeks of bliss. Probably unspoken bliss since they will be too nervous to even talk to each other. Then they'll break up and hate each other... oh, to be able to just be friends!

  3. A brief update on the happy couple: They are still "going out," but as Meghan predicted- they have not spoken since this conversation.