Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Proudly rejected by The Rose and Thorn Journal.

Here is a picture of my writing nook. It's basically just a corner of the trailer we're living in with a laptop and a window. I try to write at least a page a day, and this is where I do it.

Ouch. Another rejection. When it rains, it pours! The Rose and Thorn Journal has a very quick reponse-time, which I must admit is very considerate of them.

Being rejected is like taking off a band-aid. It's best just to do it quick and get it over with. The Rose and Thorn Journal rejected me within 17 days of my submission. Pretty impressive.

Here is one of the poems they rejected.

18.Drowning, Dazed, and Blinded
I always thought love would mean…
Trumpets, trombones and saxophones,
A feeling so loud, it would drown out my self.

I always thought love would mean…
Flashes, fireworks and sparks,
A blinding display that would leave me dazed.

I always thought love would mean…
Perfume, potpourri, and sugary-scented,
An overpowering aroma that would take my breath away.

But I like to hear myself think
And to see the world clearly,
And to breathe in the deep, crisp air.
And when I’m drowning, dazed and blind, I get scared!
Which is why it’s lucky for me that…

Love is calming, comforting and kind,
And does not rob me of anything.

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