Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Short but Sweet


I covet your laughter

As if it were in short supply.

I covet your hours away

As if there weren’t enough time.

I covet your other nine fingers,

The ones I don’t own.

It's dangerous to be so jealous of you.


  1. I like it. Short but sweet and meaty. I won't covet more fingers, though. LOL.

    Writing poetry is something I can't do at all. But I enjoy reading it.


  2. Cool words although I feel a little dumb as I don't get the 'other nine fingers' bit.. but still, that poem covers the feeling well :)

  3. Thanks Keith and Tasha!

    The poem is about my husband, and so the other nine fingers refer to the fingers without a wedding band.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think it is beautiful. I Once had a book of poems called Love Poems For the Very Married. THis reminds me of the poems in that book. You might do well to think of love poems for married people. We do still feel that way after we are married also. I hope Keith does not think you have some Kathy Bates thing going where you cut off his fingers. Scary mamasita

  5. I love this! I totally got it, Sandra.

    I should hook you up with the Poetry Train. http://mondaypoetrytrainrevisited.wordpress.com/

    You'll dig the others there.