Friday, September 10, 2010

Sippy update.

The story of Sippy- the malnourished, dehydrated cat we found in our building materials- has a happy ending! I would have kept him if I had to, so that he could stay out of the shelters and off the streets, but I was concerned because I already have way too much on my plate already.

Anyway, our architect, Nancy Shebesta, dropped by this week and when we told her about the cat, she got very excited. She asked to meet him and was thrilled when we asked if she might want to take him home. Nancy is a very sweet lady with a good heart, and she loves animals deeply. She will probably be a better owner than I can be right now.

I won't say I didn't cry when Sippy left me, but I couldn't have asked for a better owner for him, and for a happier ending. Another cat rescued! Hooray!

Here is a poem I wrote way back in 2003 when I was in the middle of falling in love with my then-boyfriend, now husband, Anthony.

"Holding Hands"
As we hold hands in the crowd,
In theatres, at parks, at stores
You lead me with the twisting and tightening of your wrist.
Left, right, pause, charge.
Wait for those people to pass-
Go ahead through the gap-
There’s a car, stop now!-
With strength and purpose,
But without demanding, or rejecting,
Your warm, strong fingers
Hold mine, and direct me where to go.


  1. It sounds like Sippy found the perfect home! Paws up!

  2. So glad Sippy found a good home, and I love the poem.

  3. Sandy you need to write a love poetry book

  4. Lucky wee Sippy, glad he found a good home. I just replied to your comment on my blog if you're interested.