Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guess What Came in the Mail...

A check for $150 from Guideposts Magazine for my Promise Pinecone piece! What will I do with this little windfall? This actual money that my typing on the computer magically produced?

Well, the long-term-thinking thing to do would be to use it to pay for something else writing-related, like a writing workshop, or save it towards my creative writing masters...

But based on the pain in my feet at the end of the day...and the slippery soles and scuffed footwear in my closet, I might just need to buy myself a few pairs of new shoes. It's not a very exciting idea or a long-term investment, but I really do need new shoes.

If you recieved a check for $150, how would you spend it?


  1. A good pair of shoes can be a great blessing that keeps on giving!

    Way to go Sandy.

  2. I agree with Dad. New shoes go a long way. Because your feet will be with you long after you retire, so taking care of them really is a long-term investment. And you so rarely get to invest in a really good pair of shoes.

  3. Spoken like a true woman, my wife owns more shoes than I own items of clothing. Enjoy your windfall and congratulations.

  4. Congratulations! All my money seems to go to taxes or bills. I wanted to let you know I am posting new music videos on my blogs almost every week which you might enjoy. Visit me sometime.

  5. Sandy go for a hot air balloon ride or take you and Anthony away for a night. Away from it alllllllll. Save until after the play and year book and plan and make it a surprise