Tuesday, January 3, 2012



I had a disturbing confrontation with an acquaintance this summer. As always, when I can't get over my fear or anger over something that has happened, I find it helpful to write a poem about it. Sometimes I have to write several, if something is really upsetting. I probably wrote at least 15 poems and two narrative stories about my grandfather dying before I started feeling like I could lay those feelings to rest.

Thankfully, the event I wrote about here was only a one-poem event. And here is the one poem:

Speechless 7/21/11

My tongue is a leech.

I cannot speak the magic words to break this spell.

When I do try to speak,

frogs and snakes fall from my lips

and drop to the ground, cracking their heads

or slithering away, impotent.

Your words are the words of power-

forceful, intense, quick.

Scaly locusts shoot from your open mouth,

flapping and scratching and slapping my face.

There is no prince for this leech-tongued girl;

all I can do is limp away and hide

with locusts buzzing in my ears.


  1. When people are disturbing to me in one way or another, I quietly sing the word HU to myself or anytime to open myself to God's love. HU is an ancient name for God that people of all denominations and faiths use to help them become more aware of God's love.

  2. I love this poem. The imagery is powerful and gorgeous.