Thursday, January 17, 2013

We've Got Each Udder...

In high school I was a chorus member in the musical, "Damn Yankees." One scene takes place in "Limbo," a purgatory sort of place where Lola and Joe are banished after they displease "Mr. Applegate" (AKA Lucifer).

Our "Limbo" was not this cool.
As a chorus member, my job was to lurch around in a sort of depressing Congo line leaning on other chorus members as fog swirled around us and the stage was illuminated in red light. It was supposed to be sort of other-worldly, but that effect might have been lost by our cast's inability not to cough and sputter every time we breathed in the fog and our inability to be cool about having to lean against people of the opposite gender. We probably looked less like these cavalier doomed souls wandering through purgatory and more like tuberculosis ridden zombies with a terror of cooties.

Cast Member 1: (whispers)Stop touching me!

Cast Member 2: You stop touching me!
*cough cough*

Cast Member 3: (whispers)The director says we all have to touch each other. But get off my foot!
*cough cough cough*

While we lurched around, Joe and Lola sang a song called, "Two Lost Souls," which contains the brilliant rhymes, "fussin' and us'n" and of course, "rudder, and each udder."

Whenever I think of the word, "Limbo," it reminds me of "Damn Yankees." 

 I'm in Limbo right now. But not necessarily in a bad way. Since Bennett was born 6 months ago, my husband and I have been living in my parent's house while he goes to work during the day and builds our house an hour away during the evenings. This literally leaves me home alone all day with the baby.

On the weekends, we stay in the trailer on our family property and Bennett and I go back and forth between my in-laws house (which is warm and spacious, but not private and has no internet), and the trailer (which is private and has internet, but is cold, grimy, and cramped). 

I love Bennett- he is a lovely baby and I am so grateful for the chance to stay home with him. But I do feel like I'm in Limbo. It's not my house, so even though I'm very welcome with my parents, I can't really do things the way I would do them in my house. I have made friends with other local mommies and have been to MANY playdates- but I don't want to get too attached because once the house is done, I'll be gone. Plus, we are constantly moving back and forth. I dread the weekends because of all the stuff we have to transport back and forth in addition to just the stress of transporting the baby.

My church is an hour away so I can't really get involved there, either. .

I live in a sort of homeless, jobless, baby-loving world.

The good thing is, I have creative energy flowing from my finger-tips. I have everything I ever wanted as far as time and energy are concerned.

So I am trying to use as much time as I can to read and to write and to study writing and to bake and of course, to play with Bennett. It's really a very nice sort of Limbo to be in.

As the song goes, " We ain't fussin'- cuz we got "us'n."
Really? How do lyrics like that even see the light of day? 

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