Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's not just my mother!

I just recieved word from, "Midnight Screaming," a poetry magazine, that one of the poems I had submitted last October was accepted!

My fantasy poem, "The Green Man," will be published in Volume 2, Number 2, this April.

It is a piece I wrote when I was studying abroad at Oxford, and I have always really liked it.

I can't include it here because they have the rights to its first publication, but I will include a poem I wrote earlier this school year when contemplating what is wrong with so many of my high school students.

It's a wonderful angry poem. Angry poetry is the most fun to write, but it doesn't always turn out so well.

Cramping Your Style- September, 2009

So you had a kid.
Maybe you didn't "plan" for that to happen,
or maybe you did because you wanted a friend.
Or you wanted your boyfriend to stay with you.
Or you were bored.
Did you think it would be like raising a puppy?

So your kid gets tired and cranky.
You ask the television to babysit it.
Or you buy it video games,
Or toys.
That way, you don't have to deal with it.
You can live you life; the kid can't cramp your style.

So your kid has problems.
Maybe it was the alchohol you drank when you were pregnant.
Or maybe the cigarette smoke it grew up breathing in place of air.
Or the lack of stimulation as an infant.
Or the fact that you yell or command instead of talking to it.
Did you think this wouldn't happen to you?

So your kid can't concentrate in school.
You get mad when its teachers can't fix it.
Or you yell at it.
Or you ship it off to live with your parents.
That way, you don't have to take responsibility.
That way, you can live your life; your kid can't cramp your style.

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  1. Congrats on your acceptance!! Keep writing, I love that you say "proudly rejected by." You should be proud you're sending out work. Looking forward to reading your poem on A fellow poet.