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Monday, January 25, 2010

Proudly rejected by Cricket and Highlights

I really like this poem. I know it's silly and kind of weird, but it's just fun. Unfortunately, Cricket and Highlights Magazine didn't agree.

The Mer-cats

Did you know, my darling pet,

that there are kittens in the sea?

They sing a mewing mer-cat song,

They sing their song for thee.

They wish that you could play with them

And chase mer-mice in the waves,

That you could go exploring

And visit Mer-cat Caves.

Mer-cats look just like you,

But instead of feet, they have a tail,

Their whiskers are longer than their heads,

And their eyes look like a snail’s.

And every day the mer-cats

Lie out under the sea

In special mer-cat cat beds

Made of kelp, you see.

And did you know that mer-cats

Have mer-people for pets?

Mer-people swim to bring them fish

from special mer-cat nets.

But did you know, my darling pet,

that you will never get,

To visit mewing mer-cats,

And their under-water pets?

Because you’ll never place a paw

Anywhere near the sea.

You are terrified of water,

Though the mer-cats sing for thee.

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