Monday, August 16, 2010

A Cavey Journey- end of Chapter 2

Here is the link for the picture on the left. It advertises a book I should probably check out:Help For Writer's Block by Donna Kakonge.

Here is the last section of chapter 2. I finished my rough draft about 3 years ago, and the book is now in its third stage of re-writes. It takes a lot of effort for me to work on it because I'm not sure the premise is even remotely marketable, however, as my first full-length endeavor, it's been really good for my writing ability.

So far, my queries have been rejected 10 times,and I've recieved no response about 10 times- really not much in the grand scheme of things.

Soon, I will post a few chapters from my new endeavor, a book called Marilyn Marlin. I feel better about this book, but it also has many, many rough edges, and my plot is currently stalled due to writer's block and a faulty computer.

Without further ado...the end of chapter 2!

Suddenly, there was a loud cracking noise coming from somewhere in the big house and a few seconds later, the cavies heard the sound of humans talking in gruff, angry voices.

“Hide! Hide! Hide!” yelped Macie, and, slipping and sliding on the floor, they both ran towards their towel behind the bookcase. Once they got inside, they shivered fearfully as they listened with their large round ears.

“I don’t think those are our humans,” whispered Donner to Macie through gritted teeth. “They sound…different…and scary. I don’t like how they smell, either.” As Donner and Macie listened fearfully, they heard crashing and thumping coming from beyond the door of their room.

“Hey Mike, look!” the cavies heard a human voice shout, “they left their VCR and their DVD player, that’s gotta be worth somethin’, huh?”

“Whatever you say, Jake,” answered another voice, “Let’s get this done quick.” The cavies couldn’t understand all of the words that the humans were saying, but they comprehended enough to know that both the voices they heard sounded mean and harsh. They could hear heavy things being moved around in the other rooms of the house, and it sounded as if the two men were stealing from their house.

“Hey man, these people aren’t coming back anytime soon. We can take our time looting this stuff.”

“Whatever. I’ll check the back rooms.”

Donner and Macie stood moved as far under their towel as they could and very still as they heard footsteps coming closer and closer to the room they were in. Cavies can hear incredibly well, and to their dismay, they heard the doorknob turn slowly and a man stomped into the room.

From their hiding spot under the blankets, Donner and Macie could only see two pairs of ugly black boots walking around on the wet tile. They stood rigid under their towel, trying not to breathe or attract any attention to themselves. The looters quickly walked around the room, tossing CD’s into a bag, ripping computer cords out of the walls, and boxing up the computer.

To the cavies, it seemed like the men were there forever. All Donner and Macie could do was shiver and stay as still as possible until the two men left. After a while, the cavies could no longer hear the men moving in the house, and they slowly crept out of hiding. What they saw next made them both stop and gasp.


  1. I'm sure your luck with the publishers will change soon Sandra.

  2. what did they see, what did they see????