Monday, August 30, 2010

Kitten update

Sippy has started playing! The first few days he was in too much shock to be interested in playing, but last night and this morning, he has been pouncing at anything that moves! Also, when I gave him a bath the first day, he hung there limply, not resisting, but when I gave him one yesterday, he was a force to be reckoned with.

These are sure signs that he is feeling much, much better. I can still feel his bones quite a bit, but not as much, and his belly is very round. He has also been pooping consistenly since yesterday. Unfortunately, he is nowhere near litter-box trained.

We have shown him the litter box, helped him scratch in the litter, made sure he can come in and out of the box easily...and he still poops in the dark corner under the desk. We have put the litter box in the dark corner under the desk...he pooped behind it this morning.

Our other two kittens understood the litter box concept almost immediately, but they were raised with big litters and humans caring for them. Who knows what this little baby's background is like?

I sure hope he learns soon, because he HATES going outside. When I carry him outside so I can keep him with me when I do my chores, his little claws dig into me, he fluffs up, and he tucks his head underneath my arm. I think he spent so much time outside when he was starving that now he is pretty frightened of it.

If he's going to be a primarily indoor cat- he has to be litter trained! Any advice? Perhaps he is still too young, and will learn soon?


  1. Poor little guy! I don't know much about training cats, but it seems like he should catch on, it may just take a little longer. I think you have a friend in Sippy.

  2. Have sent your query to a friend who helps stray cats. Hugs..

  3. A Yoda-looking kitty he is. Are his eyes really that color or is that a reflection?

  4. Have you taken him to the vet yet? He needs to be checked out to make sure he doesn't have any medical problems, and there is a good chance he has worms (a problem that is usually easily taken care of). When you taken him in, you can discuss the litter box issue with the vet and perhaps s/he will have some suggestions for you.

  5. Message from my friend:
    My idea is that this is a traumatized cat. I have one at my office, she has gotten better but still has a "screw" loose. I have no ideas about the litter box unless the cat is associating it with something that is scarey and that is instictive. Cats despite their view, an not thinking beings.
    Try another type of box, something not foreign to the cat, put in more scratchy stuff like shredded newspaper, wood chips, etc, anything to mimic his outdoor life. Also go online for advice as there are some really good sites for feral cats.
    Hugs, PK

  6. Thank you all for your concern about Sippy, especially his bathroom habits. The night that I wrote that, Sippy suddenly jumped into the litter box and began to do his business inside, scratching after himself and all. I am not sure what helped him make the connection, but we haven't had an accident again since then. Baby kittens sometimes have accidents, but I think they will be few and far between from now on. Huzzah! He may actually be older than we think. He is acting more like a 5 or 6 week old cat- it's possible that his tiny body weight and the effects of malnutrition and dehydration made him appear to be younger than he actually is. Only the vet will know for sure. We will take him in next week. Thank You, everyone!