Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Pieces of Good News!

1. The editor of the Kern Valley Sun, Cathy Perfect, emailed me yesterday to say that the humorous article, "How to Make a Cheesy Bowl in a 30 Foot Travel Trailer," I sent her will probably appear in the Oct.20th edition of the KVSUN. I wrote it on a whim last week as a parody on recipe articles.

I liked it so well that I sent it off to her before posting it on my blog.

My husband thought it wouldn't make a good newspaper article, and that almost stopped me- but I decided to go with my first instinct on this one. I respect his opinion, but sometimes I have to be strong enough to follow my own judgement, especially when it comes to writing and submissions.

I haven't submitted many articles to the Sun lately, and I was afraid the editor would be like, "we haven't heard from you in a year- why should we publish your stupid article?" But she didn't say that at all! I think she liked it.

I wish I could churn the funny articles out once a week or even once a month, but I can't seem to control when or if they come to me. Sometimes I'm in a funny mood- sometimes I'm not. I will often spend months at a time not being in a funny mood. If I try to be funny when I'm not in the comes across all wrong and usually bitter.

How on earth does Dave Barry do it? I know it must be a lot of hard work.

Anyway, I will post the article here after the Sun publishes it.

2. The second piece of good news (does anyone else have difficulty spelling the word, "piece?" I am never sure if it's right or not,) is that upon inspection of my hands and feet today in the shower, I noticed that they are less hideous than they used to be, in fact, they are quite nice little hands and feet.

Either my viewpoint has changed, or maybe I finally grew into them? Can being 27 mean that your feet look less like Hobbit feet and your hands look less like sausages attached to a slab of meat? Or does it just mean that I'm finally coming to peace with my own skin?

Perhaps my twin can shed some light on this subject- Therapista? Any input?


  1. As your values have changed, so has your perception of self. The value before was being liked, loved, accepted by others, and now that you have a sense of having those things in spite of your features, (or because of them), they no longer seem as frightening. Having perfect hands and feet will no more qualify you for being a good writer, teacher, wife, mother, etc, than perfect ears or perfect elbows.

    Additionally, perhaps your feet never looked like hobbit feet and your hands never looked like sausages, at least not to anyone else. Other people might have labeled your features as "petite" as opposed to hideous. I think you are probably viewing yourself through less self-conscious, older eyes, that care less about unimportant details because other goals are now more important.

    Also, Dave Barry's whole job is to be funny. If all you did all week was research current events and create a wry commentary, you could be pretty funny, too.

  2. wow, carolyn- that was insightful. You should totally be a therapist.

  3. Well done with the article, keep up the good work, and yes, you seem to be accepting and liking who you are - great!

  4. Congratulations, Sandra! So when do we get to read this witty piece?

  5. Way to go! I know, writing humor is really hard!

  6. Great insight Carolyn.

    Sandy, I think I have never achieved the acceptance you have of perceived flaws. In fact the older I get the more critical I am of myself.

    What Dave Barry did was probably very difficult.
    But he had the gift didn't he? I don't believe he still writes a weekly column.

    Looking forward to reading your article "How to Make a Cheesy Bowl in a 30 Foot Travel Trailer". It is exciting it probably will be published.

    I, too, have to think about "piece". However the old maxim "I" before "E" except after "C" has helped. I still have to hope I spell "niece" right.

    Love Aunt Susie

  7. Congratulations on your story getting published! The thing about humor, or any other type of writing, is that the more you do it - at least if you write with awareness - the better you get at it, and the easier it comes to you. You may notice that when you're inspired to write humor, you have a certain rhythm - I am not talking about the writing at all, but an internal rhythm that makes it easier for you to write that way. The more you learn how to be in tune with that rhythm, the more often you will be able to tap into your funny bone. I hope that doesn't sound too wacky or obscure, but it's really the only way I can think of to explain the writing process, and it's something I've observed myself as a writer.

  8. Congrats Sandra! Looking forward to reading your piece here as well. Wonderful to read about publishing successes and glad you went with your gut instinct!