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I am an aspiring writer in the Kern River Valley. This blog is a "test kitchen" to try different writing styles and to work through the many rejections and the handful of acceptances my work has received. But no matter what other people say about my writing, at least my mother thinks I'm a good writer!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A New Writing Adventure

Starting this week, I get to take a one-month online writing workshop hosted by the Los Angeles Review. The class is on the subject of nonfiction creative writing. I have had a lot of fun writing humorous nonfiction to be published in the newspaper or on this blog, so I am excited to see where this class will take me in the world of nonfiction writing.

I hope my writing is not too hyperbolic. I do have a tendency to exaggerate or "stretch" the truth for dramatic effect. Maybe they will tell me this is bad...or maybe it's good? I don't know.

It took a courage for me to sign up for the class. As soon as I heard about it, I wanted to do it, but I just...didn't. What if they think my writing is terrible? What if it's more work than I can do or will do? What if everyone else in the class has really amazing work and mine is just terrible?

It's interesting because if this were a swimming class or a pottery class, I wouldn't even worry about it, because I know I'm not a fast swimmer or a good potter. I just do those things for fun. But much of myself is wrapped up in writing and I worry that if I don't do well, it's going to hurt very badly.

And, after thinking about it, I realize that that could very well happen. I could get hurt. But that's a risk I have to take for my writing to develop.

One thing I'm proud of: The class cost $150 and I was able to use the proceeds from this blog and from my online store to pay for the whole thing.

I will keep you posted on the class and the things I am learning.


  1. You are back!!!! Yay! I have missed your blog. I have also missed you. It was nice talking to you on Tuesday. We have the best niece:).

  2. I am so looking forward to hearing what you write in this class. I love to read your writing Mamasita

  3. If you go to the class with the idea of learning, whether about yourself, or the subject matter, or both - you won't lose. All the best with this!