Friday, July 8, 2011

Pardon me while I keen.

Well, I did it. I posted my first writing assignment for my writing workshop which I have been greatly enjoying. I spent all weekend thinking about what to write. I wrote my piece on Monday, let it rest for a few days and then revised it and posted it today.

If you hear a high pitched keening coming from the Lake Isabella area, it's me succumbing to writing anxiety.

Now here is the part of the blog where you choose your own adventure. If you don't want to listen to me whining, proceed to Roman Numeral I. If you want to listen to my whining, don't mind a repetitive use of the word "sucky," and would like to see a picture of Carol Burnett, proceed to Roman Numberal II.

I. I am feeling a little bit of anxiety about my first writing assignment.

II. You asked for it. I tried to make my writing evocative, uplifting, truthful, interesting, relatable, etc. But now that I read it after it's been submitted to the online forum where everyone else in the class has posted theirs which of course are incredibly good, I am reduced to 6th grade vocabulary: It sucked, sucked, sucked!

My writing is so freaking sucky. Everyone is going to hate it. What I was I thinking picking the topic that I did? What was I thinking signing up for this class? These people can actually write unlike little miss sucky-pants here who turned in the suckiest suckfest writing assignment. The other people in the class will be all like, "oh, nice work," but really they'll be thinking, "gee, that sucked," only they'll think collegiately and come up with some little clever synonmyn for sucked, further proving how sucky I am.

And all their lives are eclectic, bohemian, unconventional, where I am this boring little whitebread girl. Boring, Sucky, more boring.

Keen. Keeeeen. KEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNN! Did you ever see that Carol Burnett sketch where she's at a funeral and she teaches Robin William to keen? Comedy Gold.

I need to go back to work because I'm spending way too much time sitting around thinking about this.


  1. That sounds very nerve-wracking. I do not think you have a boring life, though. I mean, unless boring is synonymous with wholesome, driven, goal-oriented, and passionate. I would like to read what you wrote.

    As boring as writing assessments is, it is nice that nobody reading my work is expecting it to be inspired. If I use complete sentences and correct grammar I am doing better than most of the people writing them.

  2. Hah! that is the suckiest of all. I think you made up new endings for that word. Very creative. Well you have always been brave and wanted to run with the big boys so here you are. but remember you have talent in this my love so you may suck at first but in the end you will improve and grow. Love you to pieces you little mieces.