Monday, July 11, 2011

A Poem Involving my Twin Sister Carolyn and an Adventurous Man.

The Dream I Had Last Night.

I found an adventurous man who fell in love with me on the way to the lobby

after my twin Carolyn and I had gotten lost at 4 in the morning

back on the way from the spa.

He helped me find my way past the small chinese woman who was making clay slabs

which my Carolyn had refused to stop sticking her hands into

and who had given us directions which Carolyn ignored

and then she danced away where I couldn't find her.

The adventurous man helped me search for the white-towel clad twin of mine,

but I do not think she wanted to be found.

So instead he led me back down the lobby through all the hidden parts of the hotel

where chinese laborers made clay tiles and wove bed linens and cast suspicious glances at my foreign eyes,

as he explained that he could never leave the hotel.

I was going to leave, with or without Carolyn, and so we kissed

and kissed

and kissed the tragic kisses of people who will never see each other again.

I walked out of the hotel alone.


  1. Wow. I'm not sure how I feel about how I have been represented in your dream. Are you missing me and subconsciously angry at me for not being around and leaving you by yourself, even though your conscious mind knows its not my fault? Or are your feeling responsible for me and helpless to help me as our lives take us in different directions?

    And what does the hotel represent, and the adventurous man? Are you missing your husband, who is locked into the house the way the adventurous man was locked into the hotel and could never leave, and you feel powerless to take anyone with you as you journey your days by yourself, abandoned both by me and your husband to different paths?
    And what do the Chinese people represent, other than the inner workings of the hotel and feeling like an outsider there?

    Your dream is sad.

  2. I think Carolyn is just a representation of the other side of you that wants to be free sometimes.
    The man is of course your Anthony who is stuck inside a house right now but will not always be and really he needs you to be free and not stuck with him or he will go crazy.