Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's October- How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions?

Every year my family sits down together to write out their resolutions. One person with nice handwriting (not me) writes them down for all of us and then gives us all photocopies to post on our refrigerators.

I had a few resolutions this year:
1. Have a healthy baby. Check.

2. Put on a successful musical production of "The Secret Garden" as HS drama teacher. Check.

3. Put out a successful yearbook as HS yearbook advisor. Check.

4. Quit my job as a successful high school teacher to spend all day with my darling new baby (see #1). Check.

5. Move into my new house....not so much, because it is not done yet. When will it be? When will I move out of my parent's house? That is the question everyone has...but I do not have an answer. Maybe Christmas?

6. Take a writing workshop...Nope. It turns out that having a baby is a huge amount of work. It is a good day if I get dressed and brush my teeth. However, the year is not over and now that the little one is finally sleeping through the night and napping fairly reliably...the faintest hope is building in my heart. I would like to take a poetry workshop.

I've never taken any poetry classes or workshops, which is actually surprising because poetry is one of my favorite venues. Most of my best writing is poetry. I enjoy it and have had a few poems published here and there. Maybe that is why I have shied (shy-ed?) away from any classes or workshops...I'm so afraid that I will find out that I am doing it all wrong or something like that.

But it is time to face my fears because as I found out the with the creative nonfiction workshop I took last summer, workshops are great! Now I just  need to find a good one.

Does anyone have any suggestions for online poetry workshops?

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