Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Trailer Cat Chronicles or Confessions of a Crazy Cat Hoarder

At night, the trailer cats wake us up by running under the trailer, chasing and yowling at each other. Sometimes they run back and forth on top of trailer and other nights, mewing to be let in through the ceiling vents.

When we let them inside, they are calm most of the time, but if they start running after one another, they can make the entire trailer shake.

We have a small herd of trailer cats: three to be exact.

There are 30 feet in our trailer, so you would think that would give each cat about 10 feet to itsself, but...they all want to be in the same spot, of course.

Bango is the white Calico. She is the oldest, the first, and the head honcho. She keeps the other two in line and is the first to pick a fight.

Tail-light is the tortoise shell. She is second oldest, everyone's favorite, and never worries about who's in charge. She just plays. She will play with cats, people, and even dogs.

Mystery is the grey one. She is the youngest, the laziest, the scaredest, and the neediest. All she ever wants to do is sleep inside the trailer.

When Mystery appeared (mysteriously), and we decided to keep her, my in-laws began wondering if I was a cat hoarder.

My husband tolerates my eccentricity because he sees that the cats amuse me. Plus, he knows I'm crazy and that most of the time, it's best to humour me.

We spend about $30 a month on all their food, which I realize is a completely unnecessary expense. If we were really serious about saving money, we would have never acquired the cats to begin with...but...

...the cats make me happy. I think it's funny when they run around, doing unexpected things. I love it when they all try to sit on my lap. It makes me laugh when they chase each other. When I come home from work, they all seem to magically appear near my car, greeting me when I come home.

I even like it when they try to eat the food off the table or out of my hands. I try not to let them do this, but it cracks me up when they do.

I can't stop photographing them. It's not that they do anything particularly photo-worthy, I mean, they're just cats, but...I just want to get as many shots of them as possible.

I have promised my husband not to acquire any more cats as long as the all these herd-members are living.

I intend to stick to that promise...but it might be really difficult!

What about you? Are you a crazy pet hoarder, too?


  1. My human thinks three is pretty much her outside limit - any more and she would not be able to give personalized attention to us all. Me? I think one is best, if that one is ME. Unfortunately, the other two cats were here before I was.

    P.S. You are actually quite frugal with the cat food. We spend three to four times that amount here to feed us all.

  2. It is hard to put a cap on caring, even when its bad for you. We found ourselves considering a 4th dog last week when a friendly stray showed up at Dave's work!!! Especially when I know that the pound usually equals death, its hard to say, "No" to a new pet that needs love and a home. Fortunately, I know that 3 really is the limit to how many we can care for right now, so to say "Yes" to a new animal would be to neglect the others. This seems to be the only reason I can back out. Ironically, Dave is almost as bad as I am! This is why I don't think I would make a good foster parent. I would never be able to let the children go.

    (YI, the puppy who showed up at Dave's work got a great new home with a kid who will really appreciate her.)