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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The cat in the picture is mine. She is a small calico, and she loves to jump into the refrigerator in the summertime.

I like this poem because of all the onomatopoeia. I also like some of the words I used like, "mottled," "swifted," etc. I think the repetition creates a neat rythm.

The scene described used to be a daily occurence at my home, until I got a new car. All the animals recognized the sound of my rattling car and would wait for it every day. I really like my pets, and I really enjoy writing about them.


The mottled cat sits staring from the window.

She licks her paw, but rivets her eyes, waiting.

A fly buzzes around her; she flicks her tail, she flicks her tail.

The black dog lies in the sun behind a fence.

A slow sunbeam plays across her face.

One ear is raised, listening.

The cat’s eye twitches.

The dog’s tail thumps, her tail thumps.

In the distance, they hear it.

The sound.

Cla-clack, Cla-clatter, Cla-clunk.

Cla-clack, Cla-clatter, Cla-clunk.

The dog swifts to her feet.

The cat sweeps to the door.

It’s louder now.

Cla-clack, Cla-clatter, Cla-clunk.

Cla-clack, Cla-clatter, Cla-clunk.

The dog is barking, barking her loudest bark.

The cat is rubbing, rubbing against the screen.

The car clatters onto the dirt hill and parks.

Its door opens and the girl climbs out.

Their mistress has come home again.

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