Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weight Loss and Poetry

Some of you may be familiar with the popular and wonderful lifestyle website,

If you're not, it's basically this amazing free website (this is not a paid ad by the way, it's my personal opinion) that helps people lose weight and get healthy. Some people use it to gain weight if that's what it takes to get healthy. They have millions of members now.

My twin sister and I both joined about 3 years ago, and we've had great success keeping our weight in a healthy range and exercising. We even got to appear briefly (about half a second) on Entertainment tonight as a success story.

Anyway, what this all has to do with this blog is that I have been toying with writing some weight loss poetry. I have never seen a poetry magazine that published weight loss poetry, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough.

I think weight problems are something that the majority of people in the United States will deal with sooner or later, whether it's people with severe obesity, eating disorders like anorexia or bolemia, or just people who are wondering how 25 extra pounds somehow glommed onto their bodies.

So here are a few poems on weight loss topics like finally seeing some stomach muscles, insecurity around slender young things, and body dysmorphia (believing you are much fatter or skinnier than you are).

The Ablets
The ablets now, they doth peek out

from 'neath a fleshy slab.

Will they sink beneath the mire,

or turn to rock hard abs?


Skinny. Skinny. Skinny.

We present these offerings: Hunger, Self-Hatred, Shame.

We leave them on the altar of the bathroom scale.

Please bless us, O god of the Thin.

Beautiful Bones

Beautiful bones, lovely bones,

Jutting from your skin.

I know it seems that jutting bones become a way to win.

Chicken legs, scrawny legs, impossibly thin,

Every young girl wants skinny legs jutting from her skin.

Dying youth, starving youth,

How beautiful you seem.

When hollowness becomes a goal,

Decay becomes the dream.

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