Saturday, February 20, 2010

Someday my Prints will Come.

Here I am, scaling the wall of writing and submitting.

When I submitted my poem to Midnight Screaming, they recommended a website called

This is a free website that is basically a directory of thousands of magazines that accept submissions from writers. If you sign up, you can track all of your submissions. It's a great resource for anyone with stories or poems they would like to get published.

They do a really great job at keeping their entries about each market up-to-date.

I also like it because it's a very "no-frills" website, so my incredibly slow dial-up internet does not freak out everytime I log in.

Here is a very silly poem I wrote on a whim a few months ago. I don't think I will submit it anywhere, but I do like it. It is based on the song, "Someday my Prince will Come," from Snow White.

Someday my prints will come

Some day, I’ll get published.

Some day I’ll get my wish,

And how thrilling that moment will be,

When the prints of my book come to me!

I’ll get 15%

Of all the profits sent,

Though it’s far away,

I’ll get published someday,

Someday when my dreams come true!

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