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Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Sappy Love Poetry

For my husband's birthday two years ago, I wrote him a small collection of poetry. We had been married for three years at that time. It's not exactly Sonnets of the Portugese, but it told him what I wanted him to know.

Here is one of the poems.


Wherever you go, there will I be.

The riches of the world, Capitol Cities,

wondrous architecture, universities,

All these esteemed things once called me.

But none of them sing to me,

not like your voice does.

But none of them pull on me,

not like your voice does.

But none of them summon me,

not like your voice does.

All the capitol cities can fall to ruin,

All the universities, they can all burn,

architectural wonders, they can collapse.

For, I would barely hear their dying cries, for

Wherever you go, there will I be.


  1. it's not sappy..:)..wonderfully written with emotion is more like it

  2. Oh, thank you, livintheblues. It is always intimidating to share something close to my heart. I enjoy your poetry as well.

  3. Oh, so sweet. I'm sure it made your hubby felt more loved and special on his special day.