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Friday, April 30, 2010

Proudly Rejected by Poetry Magazine


The wispy white clouds on the wild white mountains

Hide faces of wandering, pondering poets.

Meandering mists in the marvelous valleys

Are revealing those lingering singers in boats.

Long, long ago before the division

Songsters and writers lived harmoniously.

The poets would write words of lyrical lightness,

And singers would song them melodiously.

Now there is muteness in the marvelous valleys,

The poets still ponder but have no one to sing.

And the singers stare up at those wild white mountains,

With tunes in their hearts but no words to make ring.

When pride has asunder torn can any join together?

Or will the singers stay in boats and poets in the heather?


  1. What a great sonnet! Why wasn't it published for incredibly large amounts of money?

  2. Did it have to be a sonnet? It would work much better, the emotions expressed are excellent, but spoilt be the forced rhyme?

  3. super great poem. Submit it to
    they are looking for fiction..

  4. Thank you for your comments. I set out to write a sonnet- I think they are kind of a fun mental task, but as Carole has pointed out, the rhyme does tax it a little in some places. Still, it was a fun challenge, and I may take the same ideas and put them in a different format. That phrase, "whispy, white mountains" keeps coming back to me.